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Alessandra Cassar, 470 Joost Avenue
"Who is the best real estate agent in San Francisco? Grazia Bennett! She is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly dedicated to make sure that you get the best possible house within your budget (whatever the limit may be). At every step of the process, I was impressed at how good Grazia is. While other agents will push you to make fast decisions, she is the opposite, she will make sure that you know what you are doing. She will always give you honest opinions about what is good/bad about a particular property, without doing what 99% of the other agents do (just telling you what you want to hear to make you decide very fast). She is always available and replies to emails at the speed of light. Once in contract, she is a fantastic bargainer. She helped us buy a house in San Francisco despite for years we thought it was an impossible dream. If it wasn't for Grazia we would have never done it! Thank you Grazia for all you did for us. We will never go to anyone else but you for all our real estate needs because we know that you are so much more than a real estate agent, you are our real estate angel!"
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Steven Linehan, 1770 Pacific Avenue, #103
"I have worked with Grazia to purchase and sell property and she is simply amazing on both sides of the transaction. She is very dedicated and knows her market and her job inside and out. She has an amazing drive and respect for her clients and her profession. She will work endlessly day and night to find the right property for you. If you're looking to sell a property she is top notch! She will strategize and collaborate with you to make sure that she finds the right buyer and obtains the best price possible. She and her team are an amazing marketing machine!"
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Cack Wilhelm, 10 Hillway Street
"Grazia is a very professional and efficient real estate broker and I endorse her highly. Working with a broker should make the buying process easier, by finding properties and managing the process gracefully. Grazia does all of these things effortlessly; working with her was a joy. "
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Julie Lin, 690 Chestnut Street, #208
"My husband has known Grazia through a non-profit that they are both involved with, so when it came time to look for our San Francisco dream home we reached out to her. Grazia helped us narrow down neighborhoods that were ideal for us and within our price range. She took the time to really understand our family and our needs, pointing out issues to consider when we were on the house hunt. We were really impressed by her network of contacts within the real estate industry in SF. She even helped to arrange financing for us. The best thing about Grazia is that she is well respected by her colleagues throughout the industry. What we mean by that is that although she was aggressive in negotiating on our behalf, she has this way of doing it in such a professional manner so as to maintain great relationships with the other Realtors, which is vital in this hot property market. In the end, because of her network we were able to get a sneak preview of a condo she had seen before it even went to open house. This allowed us to ultimately get the condo of our dreams. If you are looking for a realtor that cares about you and your family and is ethical, responsive, knowledgeable and will negotiate on your behalf, then we would without hesitation highly recommend Grazia Bennett."
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Anita Adams, 1423 Golden Gate Avenue
"Grazia helped me sell my condo. She counseled me early on as to how to prepare for the sale and then walked me through every step of the process. She gave me intelligent advice which served me well. She put together and executed an effective and thoughtful marketing plan. The service was exceptional. I ended up doing far better than expected on the sale and it was a very smooth process. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell."
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Gail Chang, 601 4th Street, #310
"After two unsatisfying working relationships with two top realtors in the city and several failed attempts to purchase a condo, I was referred to Grazia at a time when I had almost decided to give up on finding a realtor that fits my needs. To my pleasant surprise, the first time I met with Grazia, I found her extremely attentive. She listened intendedly, spoke thoughtfully and later analyzed precisely and negotiated strategically. She understood what it was that I was looking for, never went above budget, geared me away from distractions (including properties out of the price range and goals I had predetermined), and kept me focused on the right path. She never once made me feel rushed or pressured. I've always felt comfortable in being completely truthful in my opinions, doubts and excitements over a property while knowing that Grazia would be just as honest with me if she does not think the place is right for me. She has the great combination of determination, strong moral character and professional integrity. I never once doubted that Grazia put my needs in the center and I trusted her in guiding me through the search process, identifying the right property, writing a smart offer and negotiate a reasonable price. Grazia remained just as attentive after closing of escrow and I have no doubt that she'd remain helpful long after the property becomes mine. Everything she does demonstrated the rare combination of professional sophistication and the very human side of sincerity. Grazia knows the real estate market in San Francisco like the back of her hands and I have complete trust in her. I have come to realize that I'm grateful to know that I've found my go-to realtor in San Francisco. She's truly a gem!"
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The Buyer, 1001 California Street, Penthouse #7
"Many thanks to you and all of your quick and hard work to make this happen. We look forward to many happy years enjoying Nob Hill! And, when asked, we will highly recommend your team at Sotheby's International Realty."
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Gabriele Bodda, 301 Main Street, #17G
"Grazia did an outstanding job. She was able to attend with great care to all the intricate details of the real estate transaction, without ever losing sight of the psychological aspects involved in choosing a new home. Her attitude allowed the whole experience to be very smooth and most of all enjoyable, as every important investment ought to be. Highly recommended."
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Jason Sitzman, 1111 Bay Street, #207
"Grazia Bennett is a fantastic referral. We purchased our first home in the Marina District this past fall. She managed the entire experience beyond expectation. Grazia maintains a great network of professional contacts that I found to be an absolute ‘must have’ when purchasing a property. Everything was organized from viewing listings to writing an offer and opening escrow, she was constantly available by email or phone. I think you’ll find that Grazia deeply invests in each of her clients and provides a truly valuable service. Grazia, we truly love this home, thank you for your advice, support, grit and generosity."
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Tom Gaynor, 1770 Pacific Street, #103
"After 3 years of commuting to SF from LA for work, I took a job recently that relocated me to SF permanently. My partner and I had familiarity with all of about 10 square blocks of SF and found the prospect of a home search somewhat daunting given the neighborhoods and the idiosyncrasies of the various pockets of the city. Enter Grazia! From the very first meeting when she showed up with property listings, maps and folders of neighborhood demographic information and brochures of things to do in the city, I knew we were in good hands. She sized us up, found out our goals, and went to work – literally day and night. Within hours of a potential listing being available, and in some cases, days before something was coming to the market, Grazia was posting notes to us and then racing me all over our target neighborhoods in the city to see candidate properties that fit our desired profile.

We could not be more grateful for the talents she brought to the process. As a lawyer, I’m self aware enough to know I’m not the easiest client (probably none of us is!) but she had the grace, charm, wit and sense of humor to keep us upbeat when we lost an offer, and focused on the prize when negotiations bogged down in the home stretch on the final offer. I’m not sure we’d have the place we are going to love without her determination, skill and enthusiasm which were all brought to the table on our behalf. Grazia did a terrific job for us and we are happy to let others know about it. Our living in SF would be a very different experience had Grazia not found us the place we are now very happy to call home."
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Lilly and Enrico Pesatori, 1925 Gough Street, #22
"We had an unbelievably positive experience with Grazia as the listing agent for our Pacific Heights co-op apartment. She took charge and sold the co-op quickly at a record price for the building. Grazia has high professional standards, integrity and we knew that our best interests were represented in all negotiations. She is also a pleasant person to work with, an important consideration when stress runs high – as it occasionally does – when selling a property."
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Nick Hudson, 1627 Hyde
"Grazia was invaluable in guiding me, a first-time home buyer, through the purchase process in San Francisco's competitive real estate market. Grazia is detailed oriented, very responsive to phone calls and emails, attentive to her clients’ needs and wants, and most importantly an ethical person. It has been a pleasure working with her and I would do so again without hesitation in the future. I will highly recommend her to friends and colleagues."
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Adelina and Cesare d'Amico, Madrone Mission Bay, #1505
"Grazia Bennett has been a very reliable help for us in looking for this new investment in San Francisco. Moreover she successfully guided us in this real estate development that, at the beginning as with anything completely new, could have caused many concerns. Instead it was a very good suggestion since we are definitely sure that the area will develop sooner than later, and the result of the finished construction is beyond our best expectations."
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David Hudson, 2882 Pine Street
"Grazia is great to work with. It took me two years to find a place and she was there every step of the way. Thanks Grazia!"
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Stefano Mancini, 66 Cleary Court, #606
"As foreigners and first time buyers my wife and I needed someone to advise us and guide us through the difficult process of finding and buying an apt in San Francisco. Grazia was a blessing. She patiently guided us in the search and in every single step of the purchase, acting as liaison with the mortgage broker, selling agent and property inspectors -- making us feel like her only clients every day of the process. Grazia is hard working, detailed, totally reliable, and follows through promptly on everything. We were impressed by her professionalism and would highly recommend her to seasoned and new buyers as well as sellers."
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Haixia Zhang, 2254 Leavenworth Street
"Grazia is knowledgeable, pleasant, sharp, and extremely cognitive of her clients’ interests. We worked with quite a few agents in the search process for our 2nd home. No one else understood our taste and grasped our needs as fast as Grazia did, some never. Grazia doesn’t help you find just a property. She helps you find YOUR property. We were also very impressed with Grazia’s organizational skills during our closing process. She took care of everything for us and kept us on schedule to a tee. She is truly the best real estate agent we have worked with!"
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Guerrino De Luca, 2866 Pine Street
"I hired Grazia to sell my San Francisco house. The process could not have been smoother from the start. Grazia made valuable suggestions on asking price and ways to present the property that I believe were worth a substantial addition to the eventual selling price. Her follow up, energy and reliability were outstanding. And she truly cares about her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Grazia to real estate sellers and buyers alike."
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Gordon Wangers and Jennifer Schwab, 1625 Hyde Street
"Grazia, your intensity and tenaciousness paid off. Overall Hyde St. was a very good sale, and so quickly! Thank you."
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Darcey Harrison, 1111 Bay Street, #207
"Are you looking to sell your San Francisco condo or house? Grazia can assist you with the highest level of professionalism. Grazia just sold my Marina condo in no time and at a very attractive price. She worked relentlessly on the marketing and provided me with effective advice. She found a talented stager and completely took charge of the process. She is very ethical and trust is the basis for any personal and professional relationship. I felt all along that she sincerely cared about me and wanted the best outcome. She is my trusted realtor and the one I can recommend with confidence to my friends and colleagues. I am now on my 3rd real estate transaction with Grazia. She earns my business every time!"
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Lorenza Graziosi, 1233 Howard Street, #3D
"'Grazia' The name says it all; a woman who's not only gracious, attentive and caring, she is the one who you will want to thank forever. A knowledgeable professional who goes beyond an agent's role. Her ability and willingness to satisfy her clients is outstanding. I called Grazia asking for referral, thinking she wouldn't be interested in a small budget transaction, nevertheless, she didn't even consider leaving me with somebody else. She tutored, consulted, advised me on where and how to best purchase an investment condo who would give me maximum capital appreciation. She thoroughly educated me on the complex laws of SF tenancy, focused our search only on high rent areas in buildings which didn't fall under rent control laws. I couldn't be happier with the result. My investment turned into immediate income: a gorgeous loft in the vibrant SoMa neighborhood, wonderfully tenant occupied!
Among her unique qualities, integrity stands out, especially in a business where ethical values are not a priority anymore. I could not imagine having another agent help me in my future transactions; Grazia is and will always be my choice. Thank you!"
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Stefano Abbasciano, 170 King Street, #211
"As a first-time buyer in the currently hectic San Francisco market, I relied on Grazia's knowledge and expertise: she assisted me in a professional, timely and accurate fashion in finding the right place to call home."
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Pedro Salrach, 60 Webster Street
"Our experience with Grazia is definitely positive. She helped us to buy a lovely condo in Hayes Valley. It was a very competitive situation and she guided us in a way that helped us to submit the winning offer. Beyond being extremely reliable in her work, she is also tenacious in getting things done but always with graceful manners. We would love to work with Grazia again in the future. "
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Amalia Gonzalez-Revilla, 4263 22nd Street
"Grazia was great to work with as we were looking for a house in Noe Valley. She is very knowledgeable about the market, pro-active and available 24/7. She managed us through a tough transaction and, because of her patience and persistence, we finally managed to get the house we wanted! I highly recommend Grazia. Her integrity, her dedication to her clients and her in-depth knowledge of the market, makes her the perfect realtor! "
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Olivier De Wulf, 2345 Wawona Street
"Grazia has just helped us to sell our home in San Francisco. She put in the hours to present our home in the best possible light and gave us many effective advices. She is very organized and a wonderful project manager. She took care of every detail of the sale and guided us patiently through the process. We are very happy with the results (multiple bids over asking price and record price for the area). I would definitely recommend her when looking to buy or sell a property in San Francisco. "
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Mihir Shah, 2044 Green Street
"I worked with Grazia to purchase a home in San Francisco after having watched her do a great job selling the condominium I was renting. She was extremely responsive, and helped us find and close a home that met our criteria in a relatively short period of time. She is very thorough and full of good advice on how to navigate a very competitive real estate market."
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Sima Dahi, 2207 Pacific Avenue
"I met Grazia while she was hosting an open house in San Francisco. She was attentive and very professional. When my husband and I started looking to buy a home in San Francisco, I knew I wanted Grazia to represent us. It took us over a year and many referrals from Grazia until we found the perfect home for us. Throughout the process, she was gracious, professional and we relied on her extensive knowledge of the San Francisco housing market.

We never felt being rushed, I felt she was willing to work with us for as long as it took to find a house we liked. Grazia is an excellent professional and we knew we could rely on her to lead us in the right direction.

She made the final process of inspection, making an offer, escrow and closing as seamlessly as possible. We highly recommend Grazia whether you are selling your house or buying a house in San Francisco. "
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